SOLGW MK10 For Sale

Sons of Liberty Gun Works SOLGW MK10 308 AR 10 Rifle For Sale Online

The Sons of Liberty Gun Works SLOGW MK10 308 AR-10 Rifle comes in 3 flavors: MK10 Ultra Light Rifle 308, MK10S 308 Carbine, Morgans Rifle MK10MR 308 DMR, Morgans Rifle MK10MR 6.5 Creedmoor DMR.

All Sons of Liberty Gun Works 308 AR 10 Rifles are built with quality mil-spec or better parts. This guarantees that you rifle is built right the first time. Ready for what ever you can throw at it, right out the box. At the core of every Combat Grade SOLGW MK10 308 Rifle, is a quality bolt carrier and a long lasting accurized barrel. Each rifle is perfectly tuned using the correct length gas system and buffer/spring combo. The Sons of Liberty Gun Works Rifles, are all backed by their lifetime warranty. Each rifle is purpose built for hard use, and will not fail when you need it most. Shop More Sons of Liberty Gun Works for Sale Online!

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Showing all 4 results