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BRM Battle Drum


BRM Battle Drum 20 Round Drum Magazine

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BRM Battle Drum For Sale

BRM Battle Drum For Sale Online

BRM Battle Drum Always in Stock at the Best Price!

The BRM Battle Drum is a most unique, 20 round magazine that fits a host of shotguns. Crafted of all heat treated, metal components the Battle Drum has an extended lifespan. A patented, EZ LOAD hand wheel, makes it easy for users to load all 20 rounds quickly and comfortably. Inspected for quality, all BRM magazines have been tested against drops, physical impacts while shooting, and any environmental factor a shooter may face. Shooters have a choice of color for the BRM Battle Drum: Black, Black with Red Parts, Red or FDE.

Xtreme Guns and Ammo, in Richmond Texas, carries the BRM Battle Drum. Feel free to call XGA at 832-363-3783 or chat with us during standard chat hours Online. Shop more Black River Manufacturing Products at Discounted Pricing.

BRM Battle Drum Compatibilities:

  • Akdal-MKA 1919
  • Armsco-Bullie 12/MKS 12
  • Armelegant-ANG 4/Ang 5/Ang 10/ Ang 11/ Ang 12/ Ang 13/ BLP12/ BLP 12M
  • ATI-Bulldog SGA
  • Barak-BR-99
  • Best Arms-BA912
  • Black Aces-FD12/Pro Series Bullpup
  • Century-BP-12
  • Charles Daly-AR-125/ N4S/ AR-12A/ AR-12T/ Honcho
  • Citadel-BOSS 25
  • Escort-BTS 12/ DF 12/ DSX12
  • Fed Arm-FR-99/ FBS Bullpup
  • Garaysar-Fear-109/GFY-1/ GMFMKX3/ GF00/ GFZ/ GF99/ BR99/ GF99DLX/ BR99DLX/ GF25
  • LKCI Vezir-B100
  • Panzer Arms-AR 12 KMR/ AR 12 Pro/ MFPA/ BP-12 GEN 1/ BP-12 GEN 2
  • Radikal Arms-MKX-3/NK-1
  • Rock Island-VR-80/VR-60/ VRPA40/VRF14/VRB-100
  • SDS Imports-BLP M12AA/ ANG4PT/ BLP M12PT/ BMP M12AB
  • Tri-Star-KRX
  • TR Imports-SE122 Tactical
  • Typhoon Defense-F12/X12
    ** Will fit all 1919 style shotguns that are not listed **

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 12 × 5 in
BRM Battle Drum Colors

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