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AGM F14 for Sale

AGM F14 Thermal Scopes For Sale Online

AGM F14 Always in Stock at the Best Price!

AGM Global’s new AGM F14 I2 Fusion Night Vision and Thermal Tactical Monocular combines I2 and thermal imaging technologies. This bi-spectrum monocular can observe and search targets in any environment, darkness, smoke, fog, rain, snow and more. Waterproofing keeps this device performing in the most severe weather conditions.

The AGM F14 I2 offers a user-friendly interface along with comfortable and ergonomic operating controls that make adoption and application simple. Either a Gen 2+ or Gen 3 high performance image intensifier tube (IIT) and 12μm high sensitivity thermal detector can be added to the F14 I2 monocular. Usable as a hand-held device, or mounted on a helmet, variants of image view are offered. Equipped with manual gain control to adjust image brightness, it provides the highest possible image quality even in changing light situations.

Xtreme Guns and Ammo carries the full line of AGM Night Vision and Thermal Optics. Shop AGM Thermals Online or call the AGM Thermal Pros at 832-363-3783. or chat during regular store hours, for answers to all of your AGM Global Vision questions and needs.

AGM F14 I2 Fusion Night Vision and Thermal Tactical Monoculars on Sale

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