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XM42-M Flamethrower





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The original, best-selling handheld XM42 Flamethrower has been completely redesigned and engineered into perfection: the all-new XM42-M Flamethrower, also known as the XM42 Modular Flamethrower. The XM42-M gives you the ability to change tank sizes, including an awesome 3 gallon backpack tank setup which offers over 3.5 minutes of non-stop fire. Produced in Arizona by The Ion Productions Team.


The XM42-M Flamethrower is legal in 49 states. Maryland bans it, and California requires special licensing for any flamethrower capable of emitting farther than 10 feet. The XM42-M is a civilian legal hand held flamethrower with an effective range of 30+ ft.


The XM42-M Flamethrower uses 100% regular gasoline straight from the pump, a diesel-gasoline mix, or denatured alcohol. The steady stream of fuel is delivered by The XM42-M’s electric fuel pump which is activated by the black momentary button on the rear handle. The new XM42-M has a digital voltage readout that also indicates when the battery is getting low with an audible beep.


The XM42-M Flamethrower is ignited by pushing the igniter switch located on the pilot torch at the Front of the XM42-M. Once pressed, it ignites the pilot light powered by a camping stove isobutane canister (available at any sporting goods store or Wal-Mart). Once the pilot flame is ignited you simply push the black button at the top of the rear grip to emit the fuel. As the fuel is released it is ignited by the pilot flame creating a 30 ft blast of fire.


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