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XM42 Flamethrower is legal in 49 States with the exception of California and Maryland. The XM42 is produced in Michigan by the Ion Productions Team.
XM42 is a civilian legal hand held flamethrower with a effective range of 25 ft.

XM42 Uses 100% regular Gasoline, 30% (diesel) and 70% (gasoline) mix, the steady stream of fuel is delivered by The XM42’s electic motor which is turned on by the silver led power button.

The XM42 Flamethrower is ignited by pushing the red igniter switch located at the rear of the XM42, once pushed it ignites the pilot light powered by a separate propane tank. Once pilot flame is ignited you simply push the black fuel switch at the top of the pistol grip to emit the fuel once the fuel is released it is ignited by the pilot flame creating a 25 ft flame of fire

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Showing all 5 results