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TriggerTech makes triggers for Remington 700 Bolt Action Rifles, AR-10/AR-15 Rifles and Crossbows. All Trigger Tech Triggers come with FRT (Friction Release Technology), so their triggers operate without sliding friction. This patented design uses a free floating roller that is captured between the sear and the trigger. This allows the trigger to have a perfect release without friction.

All TriggerTech Triggers are equipped with TKR Technology, This technology was developed by Trigger Tech to optimize overtravel and reset control. The TKR component was appropriately named the ticker. Trigger Tech’s ticker is a intermediary component designed to pivot freely from the triggers lever. This enables the sear to be released without further displacement from the triggers lever. With reduced overtravel, and the perfect reset there is doubt that your next shot is good to go.

Another great innovation by TriggerTech is their CLKR Technology. This technology allows the shooter quickly adjust trigger pull weight in the matter of seconds. The CLKR adjustment screw and detent can easily be adjusted with the use of a simple allen wrench. Simply insert and turn the allen wrench to increase or decreases trigger pull weight. Trigger adjustment is designed to be fail safe against over tightening, also if the screw is removed it will function as normal.

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