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SIG SAUER has always been on the cutting edge of weapon development and continually introduces new and improved firearms and accessories. Sig Sauer Pistol Barrels are an example of an amazing addition to the SIG product line.

Sig Sauer Pistol Barrels will upgrade the barrel on any pistol. Increasing or decreasing length, allowing for attachments like suppressors or muzzle devices, or improving accuracy, can all be accomplished by adding a SIG Pistol Barrel. Each barrel is heat treated for toughness and durability and adds visual appeal to the weapon. SIG Sauer Pistol Barrels are offered in various models and calibers.

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SIG SAUER Pistol Barrels on Sale:

    P320 Barrels

    P220 Barrels

    P226 Barrels

    P229-1 Barrels

    P229 Barrels

    P365 Barrels

    P938 Barrels

    Showing 1–6 of 13 results

    Showing 1–6 of 13 results