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LWRC Uppers, LWRC Complete Uppers on Sale at the Best Price

LWRC Uppers Line up: LWRC IC DI Upper Receivers, LWRC PSD Upper, LWRC IC-A5 Upper Receiver, LWRC IC-Enhanced Upper Receiver, LWRC IC-SPR Upper Receiver, LWRC SIX8-A5 Upper Receiver, LWRC REPR MK-II Upper Receivers. All LWRC Complete Upper Receivers are gas piston models with the exception of the LWRC IC DI, they are Lwrc’s direct impingement.

LWRC Uppers will mate with mil-spec AR 15 Lowers with the exception of the SIX8 Upper Receivers and the 308 (7.62×51). LWRC Complete Upper Receivers are made from the highest quality materials and workman ship on the market Today. LWRC Upper Receivers are toughest and most reliable AR 15 Upper on the market today. They go through the most rigorous torture testing of any other AR 15 upper receivers while maintaining unsurpassed accuracy.

Xtreme Guns and Ammo Stocks the Full Line of LWRC uppers for AR 15 Rifles in: 5.56, SIX8 (6.8 Spc) and 308 (7.62×51).Feel Free call XGA on any questions regarding compatibility and Fitment of any LWRC Complete Upper Receivers at 832-363-3783 or Chat with us on our chat line during regular Chat hours.