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The high-tech AGM Fuzion LRF Handheld Thermal and Optical Bi-spectrum Monocular is equipped with a Laser Rangerfinder to measure target distance. This optic will quickly detect objects under any environments, even the most extreme fog, rain and snow. Waterproof capability offers protection in severe weather. Equipped with a 12μm high sensitivity thermal detector, an ultra-low light optical detector a 1024X768 OLED display and an eyepiece with a large field of view, this optic is ready for any mission. Application and adoption is simple with Fuzion’s user-friendly interface, and ergonomic operating controls. Offering three variants of image view: thermal, visible light, and fusion, each one can be easily accessed and used for different environmental conditions. Powered by one 18650 rechargeable Lithium battery, users will enjoy up to 5 hours of operating time. An external power supply can be used to increase the Fuzion LRF Monocular’s operating time.

AGM’s Fuzion LRF Hand Held Thermal Monocular is available in three models; TM25-384, TM35-384 and TM35-640. Short, medium and long rang missions can be covered with one of these models.

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AGM Fuzion LRF Thermal Monoculars on Sale