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From: $1,189.00

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Heckler and Koch USP 9C Pistol, 9mm. HK USP 9C in Stock, For Sale


HK USP 9C (Compact)

HK USP 9C Ships Free!

The HK USP 9C (Universal Self-loading Pistol) is a smaller framed pistol based on the full size USP 9 model. These pistols combine their compact size with optimum shooting performance. Reducing the trigger reach and grip circumference increases the concealability of this weapon and enhances shooting ergonomics. Using a narrow, full hand grip frame, unlike other subcompact semi-auto pistols with a two-finger grip, shooters have a choice of interchangeable extended or flush-fitting magazine floorplates. This makes for easy shooting without sacrificing concealability.

HK’s USP 9C is designed to meet the demanding needs of law enforcement and military shooters. A modified, link-less Browning type action makes this compact weapon strong enough to take the punishment of high-energy +P loads. Reducing the slide length and barrel, the USP Compact has a specially designed flat compression spring contained in the captive recoil spring assembly. Service life is engineers to exceed 20,000 rounds. This HK USP 9C is a reliable, safe, accurate and highly concealable choice.

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HK USP 9C (Specifications)

  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Overall length: 6.81 in
  • Overall height: 5 in
  • Overall width w/lever :1.38 in
  • Barrel length: 3.58 in
  • Sight radius: 5.31 in
  • Sights: Fixed
  • Weight (without magazine): 27.20 ounces
  • Weight (with empty magazine): 1.60 pounds
  • Trigger System: SA/DA, DAO
  • Trigger Pull SA 20N
  • Trigger Pull DA 51N
  • Magazine: 10/13 Round
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