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Bushmaster Firearms International, LLC is an American firearms manufacturer that is well-known for producing a variety of rifles and firearms. The company was originally founded in 1973 in Windham, Maine, under the name “Bushmaster Firearms, Inc.” It gained prominence over the years for its AR-15-style rifles and semi-automatic firearms.

Bushmaster’s early reputation was built around the production of quality civilian and law enforcement versions of the AR-15 rifle. The AR-15 platform is highly popular and widely used in the United States due to its versatility, modularity, and widespread availability of accessories and aftermarket parts.

One of the notable AR-15 models from Bushmaster is the Bushmaster XM-15, which is a civilian version of the military M16/M4 rifles. The XM-15 and other Bushmaster rifles are often used for sporting purposes, target shooting, home defense, and law enforcement applications.

In 2006, Bushmaster Firearms, Inc. was acquired by the Freedom Group, a company that owns several well-known firearm manufacturers. Following the acquisition, Bushmaster continued to operate as Bushmaster Firearms International, LLC.

It is important to mention that Bushmaster has experienced both praise and controversy over the years. Their rifles have been well-regarded by some shooters for their reliability and performance, while others have criticized the company’s association with firearms used in high-profile shooting incidents.