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Daniel Defense is a prominent American firearms manufacturer known for producing high-quality rifles, parts, and accessories. The company was founded in 2000 by Marty Daniel in Savannah, Georgia, with a focus on creating reliable and accurate firearms for civilian, law enforcement, and military use.

Key points about Daniel Defense:

  1. Military Background: Marty Daniel’s background in competitive shooting and firearm training, coupled with his experience as a military contractor, influenced the design and philosophy behind Daniel Defense products. The company’s firearms are designed with input from military and law enforcement professionals to meet the demands of real-world applications.
  2. AR-15 Platform: Daniel Defense gained widespread recognition for its expertise in the AR-15 platform. They are known for manufacturing high-end AR-15 rifles and components, with a strong emphasis on quality and attention to detail.
  3. DDM4 Series: The DDM4 (Daniel Defense M4) series is one of the company’s flagship product lines. These rifles are renowned for their reliability, accuracy, and durability. The DDM4 models come in various configurations to cater to different shooting needs, including sporting, tactical, and personal defense applications.
  4. Quality Materials and Manufacturing: Daniel Defense prides itself on using premium materials and employing precision manufacturing processes. They source high-quality metals and utilize advanced machining techniques to produce components that meet tight tolerances.
  5. Cold Hammer Forging: Daniel Defense barrels are known for their cold hammer forging process, a manufacturing technique that enhances barrel strength and longevity. This process involves hammering a mandrel into the barrel blank under high pressure, resulting in a strong and durable barrel.
  6. Modular Rail Systems: Many Daniel Defense rifles come equipped with their proprietary Modular Float Rail (MFR) system. These handguard systems provide versatility for attaching accessories, such as optics, grips, and lights, while maintaining a slim profile.
  7. Military and Law Enforcement Contracts: Daniel Defense has earned contracts with various military and law enforcement agencies, supplying rifles and components for professional use.
  8. Expanding Product Line: While they are well-known for their AR-15 rifles, Daniel Defense has expanded their product offerings to include other firearms, such as AR-10 platform rifles, as well as various firearm accessories and components.

Daniel Defense has garnered a strong reputation within the firearms community for their commitment to quality, innovation, and performance. Their rifles and products are highly regarded by shooters who demand reliable and accurate firearms for both recreational shooting and professional applications.

For the latest information about Daniel Defense and their product lineup, I recommend visiting their official website or consulting with authorized Daniel Defense dealers.