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LWRC International, LLC was formerly known as Leitner Wise Rifle Company. LWRC International it is CAGE defense contractor and firearms manufacturer based out Cambridge Maryland. LWRC was primarily engaged in research and development of Large Bore Military calibers like the .499 on the M-16 Direct impingement platform for the US Coast Guard. LWRC adopted the short-stroke gas piston system which has proven itself to be more reliable and cooler, extending the life expectancy of the internal parts while requiring less lubricant. In January 2006 the company was purchased by a U.S. Army veteran Pat Bryan, Once purchased the company moved into full-fledged firearms manufacturing. In 2008 Richard Bernstein purchased LWRC for $5 million dollars, Renamed it LWRC International, LLC. he has since evolved the company into the number one high end AR-15 Rifle manufacture in the world. Bernstein has increased the value of the company well over 200 times the initial purchase price.

LWRC International, LLC Rifles are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. LWRC Produces the best AR 15 and AR 10 rifles on the market today. LWRC Rifles go through the toughest testing of any AR Rifle system. All LWRC Rifles are gas piston Rifles, except their DI Rifles (Direct Impingement Rifles). When you want a rifle that you can count on in a life or death situation, LWRC Gas Piston Rifles will not let you down. Trusted buy the most demanding special forces, military and police agencies alike. Shop LWRC International Rifles Online at Xtreme Guns and Ammo in Richmond Texas!

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