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Nightforce Optics is a renowned manufacturer of high-end precision riflescopes and optics for various shooting applications. The company was founded in 1992 and is based in Orofino, Idaho, USA. Nightforce is widely recognized for producing premium-quality optics that are known for their exceptional clarity, durability, and precision.

Nightforce riflescopes are favored by shooters, hunters, military personnel, and competitive shooters who require top-notch performance in various shooting conditions. Their scopes are designed to withstand rugged use and harsh environments, making them suitable for tactical and long-range shooting applications.

Some of the key features and technologies found in Nightforce optics include:

  1. ED Glass: Nightforce uses Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) glass in many of their scopes to reduce chromatic aberration and ensure superior color contrast and image resolution.
  2. ZeroStop Turrets: Many Nightforce scopes come with ZeroStop turrets, allowing shooters to quickly return to a pre-set zero point without counting clicks or adjustments.
  3. Illumination: Some models feature illuminated reticles, which are useful in low-light conditions or for quickly acquiring targets.
  4. F1 and F2 Reticles: Nightforce offers various reticle designs, including first focal plane (F1) and second focal plane (F2) reticles, catering to different shooting preferences and applications.
  5. Tactical and Hunting Scopes: Nightforce provides a range of scopes suitable for tactical shooting, precision long-range shooting, and hunting purposes, allowing users to choose the best scope for their specific needs.
  6. ATACR and NX8 Series: These are popular series of riflescopes known for their exceptional optical performance and versatility.

Nightforce’s commitment to quality and precision has earned them a strong reputation among serious shooters and professionals worldwide. Their scopes are often seen on precision rifles used in competitions and military applications.