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SIG Sauer 6.8x51MM Hybrid Ball


SIG Sauer 6.8x51MM Hybrid Ball 460 Round or 920 Round

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SIG Sauer 6.8x51MM Hybrid Ball

SIG Sauer 6.8x51MM Hybrid Ball Ships Free!

The SIG Sauer 6.8x51MM Hybrid Ball (277 Fury), is the Next Generation of rifle ammunition. Designed specifically to pair with Sig’s 6.8×51 MCX SPEAR rifle, Hybrid Ball ammunition is a brass/stainless steel hybrid, 113gr solid copper round that exits the 16 inch barrel at 3,200 FPS. Harnessing the power of the high-pressure rounds, Sig Sauer’s Hybrid Case Technology on the 6.8x51MM Hybrid Ball delivers magnum performance in a short action cartridge that results in a flatter trajectory and increased energy on target. Compatible with CROSS rifles, chambered in .277 SIG FURY, this Hybrid Case Technology also allows for increased muzzle velocity and energy compared to traditional brass ammo. SIG packages the 6.8x51MM Hybrid Ball ammo in 460 round Ammo Cans, that include 10rd cardboard boxes and 920 round Crates that contain two of the Ammo Cans.

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SIG Sauer 6.8x51MM Hybrid Ball (Specifications)

  • 6.8x51MM (277 Fury) Hybrid Ball, 460 Round Can, MH68MM113B-460, UPC: 798681704088
  • 6.8x51MM (277 Fury) Hybrid Ball, 920 Round Case, MH68MM113B-920, UPC: 798681704095
  • Caliber: 6.8x51MM (277 Fury)
  • Bullet Design: Solid Copper
  • Case Material: Brass/Stainless Steel Hybrid
  • Bullet Weight: 113GR
  • Bullet Coefficient (G1): .330
  • Bullet Velocity (16″ barrel): 3200 FPS
  • Bullet Energy (from Muzzle): 2569 ft-lbs

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 11 × 12 in


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