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LWRC IC SPR FDE 5.56 AR 15 Rifle Spiral Fluted Barrel





The LWRC IC SPR FDE is the direct descendant of M6 Individual Carbine family that was developed by LWRCI™ to meet the requirements of the U.S. Army Individual Carbine program.

The LWRC IC SPR FDE includes some revolutionary new features while maintaining the basic M4/AR15/M16 architecture that has served our nation’s armed forces well for the past 40 years.

The LWRC IC SPR FDE features the lwrc fully ambidextrous lower receiver. The LWRC’S IC SPR FDE has controls for bolt catch and release, magazine release, and fire control mean that both right- and left- handed shooters can use the rifle to its full effectiveness. In addition, dual controls give shooters the option of using their offhand side to accommodate barriers or injury. They can effectively manipulate the controls without having to switch hands. Despite its dramatically improved functionality, The new dual control lower receiver of the LWRC’s IC SPR FDE is compatible with all legacy AR15 pattern upper receivers.

The Monoforge™ upper receiver of LWRC IC SPR FDE is a further evolution of the M6A2-SPR platform introduced by LWRCI™ in 2011. The LWRC IC SPR FDE features a user-configurable rail system. Moreover, the mounting base of the LWRC’s IC SPR FDE handguard is machined as part of the upper receiver for added strength and reduced weight.

The new LWRC’s IC SPR FDE Individual Carbine from LWRCI shows that, at times, evolution takes a giant leap forward.


LWRC IC SPR FDE Specifications

  • Manufactures Item Number: 16 inch (ICR5CK16SPR), 14.7 inch (ICR5CK14PSPR)
  • UPC: 16.1 inch (855148002627), 14.7 inch (855148002580)
  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO
  • Barrel Length: 16,14.7 inch
  • Rifling: 1/7 Twist
  • Weight: 7.1lbs
  • Over all Length: 16 inch (31.93-34.53) 14.7 inch (30.53-33.135)
  • Stock: Collapsible Lwrc
  • Grip: Magpul MOE +
  • Magazine: One Thirty Round P-Mag
  • Sights: Lwrc Skirmish Front and Rear
  • Lower: Full Ambidextrous
  • Rail: Modular
  • Lwrc Single Point Ambi Sling Adater
  • M6 IC Upper Receiver
  • M6 IC Rail with 3 Screw on Attachments
  • Color (FDE) Flat Dark Earth

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