MDT ESS Chassis System

From: $999.95

From: $999.95

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MDT ESSChassis System Remington 700 Short Action, Remington 700 Long Action


MDT ESS Chassis System For Sale

MDT ESS Chassis System for Sale Online

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The MDT ESS Chassis System has been designed with the pistol grip in optimum relation to the trigger. This allows the shooter to choose from a wide variety of AR pattern pistol grips to suit their preference. Providing ultimate ergonomics, the ESS is also equipped with MDT’s V-Block Bedding System, forming a solid base for the rifle action. Equipped with its own butt-stock, similar to MDT’s Skeleton Rifle Stock, it is fully adjustable, including lateral adjustment for the butt-pad and cheek rest. Thumb wheels are used to adjust the cheek rest height, butt-pad, and length of pull.

MDT’s ESS Chassis System is packaged with the chassis, buttstock, 15 inch forend and MDT pistol grip. Incorporation of the ESS chassis specific buttstock interface, instead of the traditional AR pattern interface, is the most significant change to this chassis. Customization is possible with a wide range of accessories that are compatible with this chassis’ system. Additional features include a semi-flush ambidextrous paddle, easily activated by any strength. A recoil lug mortise has been designed to accommodate most aftermarket recoil lugs, and the trigger area accommodates most aftermarket triggers. Added to the front of the magazine well is a serrated barricade stop, and a polymer forend grip-at the balance point, adds comfort.

** Please Note **

Included with the MDT ESS Chassis System:

  • MDT’s ESS Chassis comes complete with a chassis, buttstock, forend and MDT pistol grip. All hardware is included, Allen keys are needed to install
  • Additionally, needed and not included with the MDT ESS Chassis:

  • An AICS magazine appropriate for rifle chambering
    • MDT’s ESS Chassis System is available in Remington 700 Short Action RH, and Remington 700 Long Action RH, and eight cerakote colors at Xtreme Guns and Ammo, additional actions available by special order include:

    • Browning X Bolt SA RH
    • Howa 1500 SA RH
    • Howa 1500 LA RH
    • Ruger American SA RH
    • Savage Axis SA RH
    • Savage Axis LA RH
    • Savage SA RH
    • Savage SA LH
    • Savage LA RH
    • Savage LA LH
    • Savage LA 3.850 RH
    • Stiller TAC 338 LA RH
    • Tikka T3 SA RH
    • Tikka T3 SA LH
    • Tikka T3 LA RH
    • Tikka T3 LA LH
    • Winchester XPR SA RH
    • Daniel Defense Delta 5 SA RH
    • Remington 700 SA LH
    • Remington 700 LA LH
    • Shop MDT Chassis on Sale, on line 24/7. Call or text Xtreme Guns and Ammo at 832-363-3783 for answers to all of your MDT questions and needs.

      MDT ESS Chassis System (Specifications)

      • Weight: Chassis, Buttstock and Forend – 4.4 – 4.8 pounds
      • Length of Pull: 13.4 – 14.4 inches
      • Magazine Latch: Ambidextrous, Easy Reach
      • Magazine Well: Extra Large for Easy Mag Insertion and Removal
      • Barricade Stop in Front of the Magazine
      • Front Profile: Angled with Hand Grip for Vertical Adjustments
      • Thumb Rests: on Both Sides of the Chassis
      • Stock Height: 0.5 inches Below Bore Centerline. 1 inch of Riser Adjustability
      • Allows for Barrel Contours up to 1.30 inches Straight Taper
      • AICS Pattern Magazines accepted for both Short and Long Action
      • Aftermarket Lugs accepted up to 0.375 inches Thick and Tapered
      • Pistol Grip: MDT Grip included, Compatible with Non-beavertail AR pattern Pistol Grips
      • Machined from Aircraft Grade Aluminum

      MDT ESS Chassis System (Compatibilities)

      • Remington 700 Short Action
      • Remington 700 Long Action
      • Savage Short Action, Models 10,11,12 and 16
      • Savage Long Action, Models 110, 111, 112 and 116
      • Savage Long Action CIP .338 Lapua Magnum, Requires MDT 3.85″ Magazines
      • Savage Axis – Short Action
      • Savage Axis – Long Action, Requires MDT 3.85″ Magazines
      • Tikka T3 Short Calibers
      • Tikka T3 Long Calibers – Requires MDT 3.56 Magazine
      • Howa 1500/Weatherby Vanguard-Short Caliber
      • Howa 1500/Weatherby Vanguard-Long Calibers
      • Browning X-bolt Short Calibers (308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, 243 Winchester)
      • Stiller Tac .338
      • Ruger American-Short Action
      • Winchester XPR-Short Action
      • Bergara B-14
      • Daniel Defense Delta 5-Short Action
      • Full size bolt

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