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SureFire HL1 Helmet Light

Original price was: $220.00.Current price is: $198.00.

SureFire HL1 Helmet Light Blue, White, IR LEDs, Black or Tan

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SureFire HL1 Helmet Light

SureFire HL1 Helmet Light Ships Free

The SureFire HL1 Helmet Light was designed as an extremely versatile illumination tool for Military, Law Enforcement and Tactical applications. SureFire’s HL1 Helmet Lights feature primary and secondary LEDs and one infrared Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) beacon. Perfect for general purpose close work, the primary LED is white light, the colored secondary LED serves well in a low-signature, dark-adapted vision friendly color. Encased in a durable, watertight polymer body, the HL1 Helmet Light attaches to any Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (MICH) via the included ambidextrous mount. Additionally, the mount has 20 preset positions for true 360 degree rotation. A press of the lever on the mount allows fast, secure mounting and easy removal.

Every SureFire HL1 Helmet Light is compact in size and loaded with SureFire’s performance and durability. Multiple task-specific LEDs are included in the package and the HL1 Helmet Light is available in Black or Tan.

SureFire HL1 Helmet Light Sequences include:

    HL1-A-BK: Black Body, 3 White, 2 Blue, 1 Infrared IFF
    HL1-A-TN: Tan Body, 3 White, 2 Blue, 1 Infrared IFF
    HL1-B-TN: Tan Body, 3 White, 2 Infrared, 1 Infrared IFF
    HL1-C-TN: Tan Body, 3 White, 2 Red, 1 Infrared IFF
    HL1-D-TN: Tan Body, 3 Yellow-Green, 2 Infrared, 1 Infrared IFF

SureFire Weapon Lights are available in several models, and Xtreme Guns and Ammo is the one-stop shop for all things SureFire. Shop online, 24/7 to find the best deals, chat with us online, or call 832-363-3783 for answers to all of your SureFire questions and needs.

SureFire HL1 Helmet Light (Specifications)

  • Item Number: HL1-A-BK, HL1-A-TN
  • UPC: 084871110314916
  • High Output: White -19.2 Lumens, Blue – 2.5 Lumens, Yellow/Green – 19.2 Lumens, Red – 2.5 Lumens, IR-30.5 milliWatts
  • High Runtime: White – 6 Hours, Blue – 20 Hours, Yellow/Green – 20 Hours, Red – 20 Hours, IR – 6 Hours
  • Medium Output: White -5.0 Lumens, Blue – 0.8 Lumens, Yellow/Green – 5.0 Lumens, Red – 0.8 Lumens, IR-10 milliWatts
  • Medium Runtime: White – 28 Hours, Blue – 48 Hours, Yellow/Green – 48 Hours, Red – 48 Hours, IR – 17 Hours
  • Low Output: White -1.4 Lumens, Blue – 0.3 Lumens, Yellow/Green – 1.4 Lumens, Red – 0.3 Lumens, IR – 2.0 milliWatts
  • Low Runtime: White – 48 Hours, Blue – 96 Hours, Yellow/Green – 96 Hours, Red – 96 Hours, IR – 44 Hours
  • IR IFF Strobe Output: 1.7 milliWatts
  • IR IFF Strobe Runtime: 120 Hours
  • Body Construction: High Impact Polymer
  • Weight: 4 ounces with batteries and mount
  • Dimensions: 2.2 inches X 3.2 inches X 2.4 inches

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
SureFire Hl1 Helmet Light Choices

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