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ZEV OZ9 Modular Build Kit

Original price was: $504.00.Current price is: $493.92.

ZEV OZ9 Modular Build Kit DLC and Gray

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ZEV OZ9 Modular Build Kit

ZEV OZ9 Modular Build Kit for Sale Online

The ZEV OZ9 Modular Build Kit allows customization of the OZ9 pistol to make it more reliable and accurate when needed. Machined from a whole block of 4140 steel, the OZ9 receiver is the primary feature of this build kit. Engineering it this way allows for a highly strong, as well as lightweight, design. Less flexible than polymer frames, a single attachment fits it to the pistol. More contact with the slide is prevalent by combining longer slide rails and an internal locking block. This feature means less felt recoil, faster follow up shots and increased accuracy on every OZ9 Build Kit.

ZEV’s OZ9 Modular Build Kit includes the steel receiver, a lock lever and spring, a trigger pin, an ejector housing pin, an enhanced extractor and an extended slide release lever. The OZ9 Modular Build Kit is available in Diamond Like Coating and Gray finishes.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
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