ZEV Z365 Octane Gunmod Pistol


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ZEV Z365/Z365XL Octane Gun-Mod Pistol with RMSC Optic Cut, Gray Slide – Black Barrel


ZEV Z365 Octane Gunmod Pistol

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Zev Technologies’ new Z365 and Z365XL Octane pistols are a collaboration between Zev and SIG Sauer. Creating the ‘New Age of concealed carry’, the 9mm Z365 models are high-performance carry guns based on the SIG P365. Standard features on both models include the Octane Slide and RMSC optic cut. These new pistols also accommodate Shield RMSc, SIG Romeo Zero, and the Holoson HS407K. Added to the upgrades are a PRO Barrel and ZEV’s fiber-optic Combat Sights.

Zev’s Z365 firearms also include a grip module utilizing their diamond pattern, laser cut grip, keeping the shooters hands secure maintaining comfort in any environment. Designed by founder Al Wolf, the Octane slide is the perfect storm of end user driven features. Aggressive slide serrations help with manipulations and create a lighter weight to allow for flatter shooting and maintaining sight picture.

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ZEV ZEV Z365/Z365XL Octane Gunmod Pistol Features

  • Slide: ZEV Z365 Octane Slide, Titanium Gray
  • Optic Cut: RMSC Compatible with Shield RMSc, SIG Romeo Zero and Holoson HS407K
  • Barrel: ZEV Z365 or Z365XL PRO Barrel-Black DLC
  • Sights: ZEV Fiber Optic Combat Sight Set
  • Cover Plate: ZEV RMSC
  • Grip: SIG Sauer P365 or P365XL with ZEV Diamond Pattern, Laser Stipple
  • Trigger: Z365 – Sig Sauer P365 Standard Curved Trigger
  • Trigger: Z365XL – SIG Sauer P365XL Flat Face Trigger
  • Magazines: Two 10 round (Z365) / Two 12 round (Z365XL) SIG Sauer P365

ZEV Z365/Z365XL Octane Gunmod Pistol Specifications

  • UPC: 811338036322 / 811338036339
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Action: Semi-Automatic
  • SIG Size Family: 365
  • Weight: 18 ounces / 22.3 ounces

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