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TRIJICON MRO HD Magnifier (3X) (Trijicon MAG-C-2600001).


Trijicon Magnifier

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The Trijicon MRO HD Magnifier (3X) is specifically designed to magnify the target seen through the MRO HD red dot optic. Using the crisp dot in the MRO HD, the shooter can quickly and accurately engage the target at extended distances. Trijicon’s design features easy to set flush, toolless adjusters making centering the reticle easy. Being short and compact, this magnifier saves weight and rail space. An adjustable diopter allows tuning to the optical performance for the shooters eyes.

A quick release, adjustable height, flip to side mount makes mounting and unmounting simple. This mount is also designed to flip into place over the top of back up iron sights commonly used on sporting rifles. Included with each magnifier is a rise plate and additional fasteners to allow the optic to align with either one-third or full co-witness MRO HD mounts. Engineered of Aluminum, Trijicon MRO HD Magnifiers can withstand a submersion depth of 33 feet.

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