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Aero Precision Magpul PMAG D-50 LR/SR Gen M3 Magazine


AERO Precision Magpul PMAG D-50 LR/SR Magazine For Sale

AERO Precision Magpul D-50 LR/SR Magazine in Stock at the Best Price!

The AERO Precision PMAG D-50 LR/SR Gen 3 Magazine is engineered to the exacting standards of the PMAG D-60 Drum Magazines. Rugged, lightweight and designed for 7.62 X 51 NATO/.308 Winchester ammunition for SR25/M110 pattern rifles. Capable of using longer ammunition, up to 2.830 inches OAL, the D-50 continues the PMAG tradition of high-capacity performance and dependability. Allowing the same round count as two standard capacity 25 round magazines, the larger capacity eliminates a critical reload. Th D-50’s unique drum configuration allows the magazine to seat, fully loaded, on a closed bolt. A ratcheting loading lever takes the tension off the spring for easy loading by hand and an anti glare translucent window on the rear of the drum allows quick, positive visual indication of remaining rounds.

Aero’s PMAG D-50 is one of the lightest 50 round drums available at only 1.7 pounds empty and 4.5 pounds loaded. Included with the magazine is a slip on semi-rigid dust cover that prevents grit and debris intrusion during storage and transport. Like all other Aero Precision firearms and parts, the PMAG D-50 is made in the USA.

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