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AMERICAN DEFENSE ADM UIC MOD 2 Grey (Universal Improved Carbine) 5.56/.223

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AMERICAN DEFENSE UIC MOD 2 Grey (Universal Improved Carbine) 5.56/.223


4150 CMV (chrome moly vanadium) steel, 1/8 twist, Wylde chambered, chrome lined. The ADM barrel provides the durability of the best material in the family of “Ordinance Grade Steels”, coupled with a military proven Chrome Lined chamber and bore for corrosion resistance, reduced maintenance and enhanced accurate life. The barrel is hand lapped prior to chrome lining to provide the most consistent bore dimensions possible. Cryogenic stress relief after machining reduces residual stress to an absolute minimum. The Wylde chamber ensures the barrel is able to shoot to its accurate potential while safely and optimally handling .223 Remington, and 5.56mm Nato ammunition. Barrels are offered in lightweight versions which promote ease of handling, and also ADM HD SOCOM contoured versions which at modest weight gain, provide unparalleled strength and durability doubling hard use durability of government contour barrels of similar material, as well as typically providing sub MOA accuracy with match grade ammunition.

AMERICAN DEFENSE UIC MOD 2 Grey Muzzle device:

A Griffin Armament Flash Comp provides suppressor compatibility, as well as unparalleled muzzle stability and recoil control with night vision compatible flash reduction similar to A2’s on 14.5” and longer barrels. The Griffin flash comp received the NTOA’s coveted perfect “Gold” evaluation from multiple tactical officers, and is LAPD approved for patrol rifles.

Machined from billet 17-4 Precipitation Hardened stainless


Two forends are offered for the ADM carbine- the Mlok compatible lightweight slick rail, and a lightweight quarter rail called the “ADM Low-light” rail. Both accessory forends are beautifully machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, and feature flush mounted ¼-28 Torx fasteners which are torqued at 65 inch pounds into Timesert solid stainless steel thread inserts for lifetime durability- accept nothing less. The ADM UIC accessory rails are equipped with an anti-rotational locating dowel pin which recesses into a precisely machined pocket in the ADM upper receiver, allowing the hand guard to be rapidly installed and removed without wasted time “timing the rail”. The accessory rails mount to a straight knurled 17-4 stainless steel barrel nut that has a CAR stock castle nut wrench interface, allowing end users to change barrels in approximately 60 seconds with only two tools. The ADM low-light rail was designed with night vision operations in mind, allowing end users to mount IR targeting accessories to rails rigidly attached to the barrel nut- the lowlight rail also comes standard with a color matching 4 piece polymer furniture set including an optional handstop. The Mlok rail has 2 integral anti-rotation QD swivel points, and the Lowlight rail has 4.


Manufactured from seamless 316 Stainless steel tubing with 100F higher maximum service temperature than mil-spec 304, the ADM HD gas tube is ¼” diameter, bringing AK-47 durability to the ar15 platform at the modest weight gain of only six tenths of an ounce. The ADM HD gas tube was designed to give you maximum confidence in the overall strength and tactical superiority of your rifle.

AMERICAN DEFENSE UIC MOD 2 Grey Bolt Carrier Group:

Materials: 9310 (bolt), 8620, (carrier), 4340 (key, cam pin, extractor) ADM’s bolt carrier was critically accessed at the component level. Every component was processed in accordance with the latest TDP including assembly, staking, all heat treats and shot peening to specification. Every component is given a finish pass for optimal surface finish, and grinding is actually done post heat treat where most manufacturers use shortcuts such as CNC machining post-heat treat, or no post heat treat machining at all. Half a dozen Melonite QPD processing facilities were evaluated before selecting the finest corrosion resistant lubricous finish available. The BCG is so glassy smooth it requires no break in period. Consulting with a group of armed professionals with over 30 combined years of field use of M16 family rifles, the T&E testers unanimously agreed that the ADM BCG was the finest they had seen. To quote one of the testers- “I’m impressed- I’ve been issued 16 Colt rifles and the ADM bolt carrier group is a world apart. That achievement is phenomenally impressive to me.” The ADM bolt carrier is the finest bolt carrier group available today.

AMERICAN DEFENSE UIC MOD 2 Grey Upper receiver:

The upper receiver features a Type III Teflon impregnated hardcoat anodize is 60% more rigid than mil-spec forged at eight tenths of an ounce of added weight. This provides you a more rigid optic mounting platform for precision dependability and a chassis more durable than mil-spec forged. The upper is also pocketed for rapidly locating of ADM’s accessory forends. The picatinny rail is deburred in a CNC machining operation to provide a part that is as functional as it is beautiful.

AMERICAN DEFENSE UIC MOD 2 Grey Lower receiver:

The attractive, billet 7075-T6 lower receiver which features a Type III Teflon impregnated hardcoat anodize, is outfitted with an Ambidextrous magazine release, bolt catch and release, and selector switch. The magazine well features reinforcing ribs that make the magazine well 40% stronger than mil-spec forged at only ½ an ounce of weight change. The trigger guard is ready for winter gloves without manipulation. Radii and chamfers throughout make this billet lower a marvel that stretches the capabilities of modern production CNC manufacturing. A 20 degree competition style mag well is concealed in the design, allowing lightning fast magazine changes. An integral adjuster allows the end user to compensate for tolerance between your upper receivers and your favorite lower- you won’t need it for ADM as the ADM lowers and uppers are matched pairs. The selector pictogram is compatible with 50-90 degree selectors.

AMERICAN DEFENSE UIC MOD 2 Grey Trigger group:

The ADM mid and top grade UIC carbines come with the outstanding ADM adjustable two stage match trigger. The ADM two stage trigger is adjustable for pull weight from 3.5 to 4.5lbs, and for pretravel, and over travel. Made from D2 Tool steel, the ADM two stage match trigger is heat-treated, EDM cut, polished, and coated with Diamond-like Carbon- a coating with a 80-90RC hardness and a very low coefficient of friction of .1-.2. Combat durable, competition worthy, the ADM adjustable two stage trigger group puts ADM rifles in a class all their own.
AMERICAN DEFENSE UIC MOD 2 Grey Modular Ambidextrous Selector switches:

The ADM billet configurable selector switches come standard on ADM carbines in a long tall left paddle and an abbreviated short right paddle with a 60 degree hub. The kits are available with short selector switches as well.

AMERICAN DEFENSE UIC MOD 2 Grey Charging handle:

The ADM ACH (advanced charging handle) rounds out the UIC mid and top grade carbine’s fully ambidextrous controls. The ACH is a 7075-T6 billet handle that features a gas vent for suppressed or adverse operating conditions to reduce the incidence of gas, oil, or rain water blown into the shooters eyes and face. The forward cocking surface is reinforced to prevent separation and failure under adverse conditions. The handle also features .010” fitting pads which prevent excessive play of the handle in battery. Rugged, dependable, stylish, and innovative features make the ADM ACH an unstoppable best in class product.

AMERICAN DEFENSE UIC MOD 2 Grey ADM reliability enhancing buffer:

In 1966 Colt designed a patented buffer to deal with runaway cyclic rate of fire in full auto leading to component damage, light primer strikes in rapid fire caused by bolt bounce, and reliability issues with the original design. It is commonly known that the rifle length systems are smoother and lighter recoiling as well as more reliable than CAR. That rifle length buffer provides an optimal balance of reciprocal and non-reciprocal mass, but is slaved to the non-adjustable rifle length stock that is unpopular for obvious reasons today. The standard car buffer is inferior by design with far from optimal reciprocal and non reciprocal mass and an abbreviated platter of weights that operate as one sliding mass without room or plurality necessary to force them to be staggered. The ADM reliability enhancing buffer provides non-reciprocal weight matching the rifle length buffer, coupled with a platter of weights that impact in a staggered sequence to eliminate bolt bounce and provide Cadillac smooth performance without resorting to springs or hydraulic systems which can wear and fail. Machined from stainless steels, the ADM reliability enhancing buffer is a piece of functional art from the perspective of industrial design. ADM isn’t assembling a rifle, ADM is designing and manufacturing rifles for their customers that are intentionally superior to existing systems.


The receiver end plate is CNC machined and contour matches the ADM billet lower receiver. The end plate features an integrated 8 position anti-rotation QD swivel mount. The fitting companion to a flawless receiver is a flawless latch plate.

AMERICAN DEFENSE UIC MOD 2 Grey Custom takedown pins:

The ADM takedown pins are custom manufactured for the UIC rifles. The original Armalite Ar15’s and Colt “Armalite’s Ar15” marked rifles, as well as the first US Government property marked Colt Ar15 stamped (M16 rifles) headed to Vietnam up to serial numbers beyond 21,000 had dimpled takedown and pivot pins. At some point a bean counter decided to subtract the machining operation to dimple the pins, and Eugene Stoner’s handy bullet tip locating feature that prevents inadvertent scratches to receivers disappeared from all modern Ar15 family rifles because no one was paying attention. We can’t take credit for designing this feature, but we can proudly say we did pay attention to and do appreciate Eugene Stoner’s original design, and we’re bringing this original design element back. ADM didn’t just put a rifle together from parts. We critically evaluated every component down to the pivot and takedown pins, to bring you the absolute best rifle possible.

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