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B&T BWC9 Chassis, 9mm, Aimpoint Acro Sight

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B&T BWC9 Chassis

B&T BWC9 Chassis Ships Free!

The B&T BWC9 (Because We Can) is a 9mm folding SMG/PCC. This amazing accessory is not a firearm, it is an unregulated chassis. Dropping in a Sig P320 fire control unit and a slide/barrel upper transforms it into a complete, 9mm, folding carbine.

Resembling the Magpul FMG-9, the B&T BWC9 looks like it has a carry handle attached to the top rail, with an Amipoint Acro sight mounted underneath. Engineered of aluminum, the BWC9 uses a SIG P320 trigger group and carry slide. Once deployed, the stock portion is raked at an angle instead of being parallel with the chassis, allowing the shooter to get a lower cheek weld and aim through the Acro.

B&T’s BWC9 lacks a trigger guard, but there is a vertical protrusion that does not connect to the pistol grip. It sports a typical P320 magazine release and a beaver tail curve. Additionally, the pistol grip folds, much like the Magpul design. On the muzzle end there is a folding charging handle, and a Picatinny rail. Shooters that want to change up from a traditional firearm must add this amazing gem to their arsenal!

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B&T BWC9 Includes

  • Model Number: BT-430298
  • UPC: 840225709810
  • Chassis System: for SIG 320
  • Sight: Aimpoint ACRO P-2 3.5 MOA, Black

B&T BWC9 Requires:

  • SIG Sauer P320 Carry Slide
  • SIG Sauer P320 Fire Control Unit
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    * The BWC0 Chassis is an unregulated item but requires the SIG P320 to be registered as an SBR with the ARF

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 15 × 5 in

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