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Cobalt Kinetics Pro Receiver Set 6.75, 9.8, 10.8, 11.8, 13, and 15.5 inch lengths


Cobalt Kinetics Pro Receiver Set For Sale

Cobalt Kinetics Pro Receiver Set For Sale Online

The Cobalt Kinetics Pro Receiver Set is designed for shooters wanting to build the best AR possible by utilizing the best receiver set available. Engineered to give the barrel a rock solid foundation, the handguard is secured on the upper receiver via 8 TORX head screws, for a true non-rotating system. All of the features of a mono-lithic upper are present, without the drawbacks that a traditional mono-lithic upper exhibits. Every CK-Pro receiver set includes the upper, lower, a handguard, castle nut, ejection port assembly, forward assist assembly and barrel nut installation tool. Shooters can now upgrade and run Cobalt!

Cobalt Kinetics’ Pro Receiver Set is available in various lengths that include, 6.75 inch, 9.8 inch, 10.8 inch, 11.8 inch, 13 inch and 15.5 inch. Additionally buyers have a choice of five Cobalt Kinetics colors to choose from.

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