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HK MR27 Tribute Rifle (Limited Edition)


HK MR27 Tribute Infantry Automatic Rifle and HK MR27 Tribute Deployment Kit (Limited Edition), 16.5 inch Barrel, 10 Round or 30 Round Mags

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HK MR27 Tribute Rifle (Limited Edition)

HK MR27 Tribute Rifle (Limited Edition) Ships Free

The HK MR27 Tribute Rifle (Limited Edition), introduced in 2010, is the US Marine Corps Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR). It is named for the Marine’s 1st Division, 2nd Battalion, 7th Regiment (MR27), to honor the division that tested this IAR Rifle concept for over 10 years. Hailed as “the most tested weapon in the history of the Marine Corps”, the MR27 replaces the M249 for rifle squads. Tested at Twentynine Palms to the Global War on Terror Ranges and beyond, this exceptional firearm has proven itself over and over for precision, durability and reliability. This 5.56mm Semi-Auto Rifle is equipped with a 16.5 inch barrel and either one 30 round or one 10 round magazine.

Every HK MR27 has been expanded beyond the initial role of an IAR and is most recently acclaimed for it short-barred upper receiver Reconnaissance Weapons Kit (RWK). HK is now offering this piece of Marine Corps history, as a Limited Run to civilians. Only 1,000 MR27 Special Edition rifles are being offered, with an additional 500 MR27 Deployment Kits. HK’s MR27 Deployment Kit includes the 5.56mm Semi-auto rifle with a 16.5 inch barrel, a Blue Force Gear sling, a Magpul Magazine, a Harris Bipod, Knights Armament BUIS, Manta Rail Covers and a combination Trijicon ACOG/RMR Optic Set. With only the limited number of firearms being offered, every shooter needs to check out this amazing weapon!

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HK MR27 Tribute Rifle / Limited Edition (Specifications)

  • 81000845 – MR27, 5.56 Semi Auto, one 30 Round Magazine (UPC:642230268388)
  • 81000846 – MR27, 5.56 Semi Auto, one 10 Round Magazine (UPC:642230268371)
  • 81000930 – MR27 Deployment Kit, 5.56 Semi Auto, one 30 Round Magazine (UPC:642230268401)
  • 81000931 – MR27 Deployment Kit, 5.56 Semi Auto, one 10 Round Magazine (UPC:642230268395)
  • Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO
  • Action: Gas operated short-stroke piston, rotating bolt
  • Barrel Length: 16.5 inches
  • Overall Length (stock extended): 36.9 inches
  • Overall Length (stock retracted): 33 inches
  • Rate of Fire: Sustained 36 rpm
  • Cyclic: 700 to 850 rpm
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2,550 ft/second
  • Effective Range: 550 meters (point target), 600 meters (area target)
  • Magazine: One 30 Round or one 10 Round
  • Weight: 7.19 pounds (empty), 9 pounds (w/30 loaded 30 round mag)

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Weight 10 lbs

HK MR27 Deployment Kit, HK MR27 Rifle

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