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Kimber Classic Select Rifle, .257 Roberts, .308 Win., .270 Win., .30-06 Sprg., .300 Win Mag


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The Kimber Classic Select Grade Rifle combines the a controlled-feed 84 action with a French walnut stock, making it an elegant hunting rifle that looks as good as it shoots. Kimber has matched the 84/8400 action of the Classic Select Grade rifles to a sportier-profile barrel with a match-grade chamber. Machined from premium steel, both the barrel and the action offer maximum accuracy and durability. A matte finish on the barrel and action reduces glare and protects the metal. A barreled action is matched to a pillar, glass-bedded A-grade French walnut stock with an ebony forend and 20 LPI panel checkering. The hand rubbed oil finished walnut stock, gives the Classic stylish look.

Every Kimber Classic Select Rifle sports an 84 action, and, along with its magnum counterpart the 8400, features Mauser-style full length claw extractors. Resting on the front of the bolt body, the massive claw bites down on the cartridge case to ensure reliable cycling under even the worst conditions. After the rifle is fired, the claw extractor pulls the cartridge free from the chamber and a fixed ejector throws the empty case from the action. The risk of malfunction is virtually eliminated with the extractor holding the cartridge in place.

Kimber’s Classic Select Rifle is offered in five models; .257 Roberts with an 84M Action, .308 Win. with an 84M Action, .270 Win. with an 84L Action, .30-06 Sprg. with an 84L Action and .300 Win. Mag. with an 8400 Action.

Kimber Classic Select Grade Rifle (Specifications)

  • Calibers: .257 Roberts, .308 Win., .270 Win., .30-06 Sprg., .300 Win. Mag.
  • Weight: 5.10 pounds to 6.2 pounds
  • Length: 41.25 inches to 46.50 inches

Kimber Classic Select Grade Rifle (Stock)

  • Material: A-Grade French Walnut
  • Finish: Hand Rubber Oil
  • Checkering: Panel, 20 lines per inch
  • Recoil Pad: 1 inch Pachmayr Decelerator
  • Length of Pull: 13.75 inches
  • Drop at Heel: 0.54 inches
  • Drop at Comb: 0.43 inches
  • Forend Tip: Ebony
  • Sling Swivel Studs
  • Steel Grip Cap
  • Pillar Bedding
  • Glass Bedding

Kimber Classic Select Grade Rifle (Barrel)

  • Material: Steel
  • Contour: Sporter
  • Finish: Matte Blue
  • Length: 22, 24 and 26 inches
  • Twist RH: 10, 12 (.308 Win)
  • Grooves: 6
  • Chamber: Match Grade

Kimber Classic Select Grade Rifle (Action)

  • Types: 84M, 84L, 8400
  • Finish: Matte Black
  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Matte Black
  • Magazine Capacity: 4
  • Front Locking Repeater
  • Mauser Claw Extractor
  • Safety: 3 position, model 70-type

Kimber Classic Select Grade Rifle (Trigger)

  • Adjustable
  • 3.5-4.0 pounds

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