Dead Air SwitchSight Folding Glock Sight


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Dead Air SwitchSight Folding Glock Sight.


Dead Air SwitchSight Folding Glock Sight

The Dead Air SwitchSight Folding Glock Sight is designed to give you the best of both worlds. Combining a higher profile sight to see over the silencer when its attached to your pistol, the SwitchSight Folding Glock Sight also folds down when the silencer comes off and the gun is holstered. Previously you had to choose between low profile or high profile, no more choosing. Dead Air Silencers and KNS Precision have combined forces to develop the SwitchSight providing the freedom to choose based on your handgun profile. Constructed of Alloy Steel with a blackNitride finish these sights withstand abuse and wont lose orientation. Features include two sets of highly visible white dots designed to shoot to the same fixed point of aim. The SwitchSight is designed to switch height in seconds.

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