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Surefire Ryder


Surefire Ryder Suppressors (9mm and 22 LR)

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Surefire Ryder Supressors

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Surefire Ryder Suppressors are available in two basic models, the Ryder 9 and Ryder 22. Surefire’s Ryder 9 comes in three variants; the Ryder 9 Ti, Ryder 9 Ti2 and Ryder 9 MP5. Each of the these variants are direct thread cans, with the exception of the Ryder 9 MP5. Surefire’s Ryder 22 is only available in one model, the Ryder 22 S. It’s a direct thread on can only, which is typical with most 22 silencers.

The Surefire SF Ryder 22 A was created in 2014 to bridge the gap between military and general-public suppressors. It has since been replace by the new SF Ryder 22 S. Understanding that all shooters, not just militia, wanted silencers with the same high set of standards as other Surefire models. Soon after the Ryder 9 was introduced.

Surefire Ryder series suppressors provide many of the same crucial tactical benefits as the Surefire Socom series of silencers.

Cant Find the Surefire Ryder your looking for? Feel free to call Xtreme Guns and Ammo, and have one of our Surefire Silencer experts help you at 832-363-3783. You can also chat with us anytime during regular chat hours. You can also Shop More Surefire Silencers Online!

Surefire Ryder – 9 MP5

Designed for sustained full auto use on the H&K and Mp5 submachine gun, the Surefire Ryder 9 MP5 is beefier than the Ryder 9 and the Ryder 9M. The Fast-Attach system allows quick and easy connection to any standard tri-lug barrel. Stainless-steel baffles keep noise at a minimum, built in spacers help prevent carbon buildup. Durability, performance, and ease of maintenance are set to the Surefire standards that are above the rest while bullet performance and point of impact are never compromised.

Surefire Ryder – 9M Ti

The ultra-lightweight Surefire Ryder 9M Ti is a modular silencer that was designed specifically for 9mm pistols and rifles. Two models are available for threaded barrels; 1/2×28 and M13.5×1. The titanium exterior has minimal affect of weapon handling and never sacrifices strength. Disassembly, cleaning and reassembly are streamlined with stainless-steel, heat treated baffles that are indexed and numbered. These “pig-nose” baffles direct gases for supreme sound reduction and reduced muzzle blast. The built-in spacers help reduce carbon build-up and the front of the suppressor can be removed to reduce overall length by two inches.

Surefire Ryder – 9 Ti2

The Surefire Ryder 9 Ti2 is a revised version of the Ryder 9M Ti, however, there are more similarities then differences between the generations. The Ti2 offers the same great performance, 1.25 diameter and curves. Not entirely visible is a side-by-side comparison, the series 2 offers additional strength and longevity. Upgraded bearing surfaces give improved strength and consistent alignment and the booster assembly has been beefed up with a stronger spring. The upgrades did cost in weight. The Ryder-Ti2 is two ounces heavier than the initial version. You still have the same quality and extreme standards of all of the Surefire cans.

Surefire Ryder – 22 S

Optimized for .17HMR, 22Mag, 22LR rimfire pistols and rifles. The Surefire Ryder 22 S is an upgraded version of the Ryder 22-A suppressor. Heat treated stainless-steel “pig-nosed” baffles deliver increased sturdiness along with sound reduction while directing gas through the suppressor with each round fired. Carbon buildup is limited with built-in spacers. Ease of disassembly and maintenance are realized with the individually numbered and keyed baffles.
Featuring a patented stainless-steel body with rounded ends and flutes, it is coated with Mil-Spec finish to resist wear and tear and corrosion. A length of only 5.4 inches and a weight of five ounces is no hindrance to maneuverability.

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