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AGM RMSAL Rifle-Mounted Laser


AGM RMSAL (Rifle-Mounted Squad Aiming Laser)

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AGM’s RMSAL (Rifle-Mounted Squad Aiming Laser) provides the user with highly collimated aiming lasers for precision aiming and targeting in low light conditions and in conjunction with night vision optics and applications. The RMSAL is a CLASS IIIb laser and consists of a green or red visible aiming laser, a near-infrared (near-IR) aiming laser and an adjustable near-IR Illuminator. AGM’s RMSAL output power can be adjusted from 50μW to 25mW, electronically, across 256 intervals. Additionally, the aiming lasers can be operated by the user for a constant wave or 4Hz pulsed mode.

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AGM RMSAL Rifle-Mounted Laser (Features)

  • Part Number: 503RMSALPRGDE1
  • UPC: 810027771339
  • Rapid active target acquisition
  • True night vision compatible mode
  • Adjustable output power
  • Green or red visible laser options
  • User selectable constant wave or pulsed modes of aiming lasers
  • Two tactical remote switches
  • Co-boresighted aiming lasers
  • Unique ballistic differential adjustment ports
  • Battery: One CR123 3.OVDC Lithium
  • Battery Life: Up to 10 hours in newar-IR Aim Mode
  • Operating Temperature: -51 degrees C to 57 degrees C
  • Storage Temperature: -57 degrees C to 85 degrees C
  • Waterproof: Up to 20m for one hour
  • Weight: 0.44 pounds
  • Dimensions: 4.2 X 3.2 X1.9 inches
  • Limited 3 year warranty
  • Included: Aiming/Illumination Module, Remote Switch Black, Remote Switch Blue, Battery, Operation and Maintenance Manual, Soft Carrying Case

AGM RMSAL IR Laser (Specifications)

  • Class: IIIb (near IR)
  • Output Power: 50μW (low) to 25mW (high)
  • Operating Distance: >200m (low), >2,000m (high)
  • Divergence: 0.5 mRad
  • Wavelength: 820nm-860nm

AGM RMSAL Visible Laser (Specifications)

  • Class: IIIr
  • Output Power: <50mW
  • Operating Distance: .25m (in direct sunlight)
  • Divergence: 0.5 mRad
  • Wavelength: Red 605nm-665nm, Green 500nm-530nm

AGM RMSAL IR Illuminator (Specifications)

  • Class: IIIb (near IR)
  • Output Power: 500μW (low) to 25mW (high)
  • Operating Distance: >100m (low), >2,000m (high)
  • Divergence: 1-108 mRad
  • Wavelength: 820nm-860nm

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