AGM Sioux Infrared Illuminator


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AGM Sioux Infrared Illuminator. Sioux 850 and Sioux 940


AGM Sioux Infrared Illuminator

AGM Sioux IR Illuminator for Sale Online

AGM Sioux Infrared Illuminator Always in Stock!

The AGM Sioux IR Illuminators offer advanced image-intensified viewing capabilities to night vision devices. The Sioux is ideal for situations with little or no ambient light. One of the most powerful infrared illuminators on the market, the AGM Sioux is equipped with the 18650 rechargeable battery and charger.

Two models of AGM’s Sioux IR Illuminator are available. Included are the Sioux 850 with 850nm peak wavelength, standard for most night vision applications, and Sioux 940 with 940nm peak wavelength. Producing a faint red glow at direct exposure, the 850nm is otherwise invisible to the naked eye. A huge advantage to the 940nm is that it is completely invisible.

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